Thursday, July 30, 2009

31 days in sunny july..

julai agaknya bulan plg excited for me (surely few people & things keep annoyed me).. official opening kiddies-store, manchester united asia tour, extra money & for 2nd time in july here i am kota bharu again... im so into KB right now.. tp krisis keje or karier makin teruk... as a 3d designer we have to work with designers... good or bad... but when all good designer leaving it really give us a setback.. what the horlicks!! its hard when u've to work with people that u totally not agree with & cant respect whatsoever.. & they keep looking at u as "im a designer u only 3d maker......" ~hey miss, go to hell... 

p.s~duck you..!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Parpu Pakai Seluar makan Ikan.. PPSMI

okok isu lapok aku tau... tp aku setuju PPSMI mansuh...

they teach English in Kelantan dialect in Kelantan!

did u know that they teach English in native language in Jeli?